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Why Plan Ahead?

Pre-planning for an unknown event may seem strange or difficult, but it’s truly a healthy and proactive step toward accepting a rite of passage that everyone must face. Talking openly does not mean the details must be set in stone. Even set details can be changed as people grow and mature. It’s wise to discuss your wishes with your loved ones and to have a tentative plan. It is doubly important that these plans be discussed and arranged with the funeral home of your choosing. Do not say it is all taken care of without talking with a funeral director when setting up your plans. Planning early is essential. If you wait until a loved one is sick, it is already too late.

Some of the considerations that prompt people to plan ahead include:

  • To ensure a person’s final wishes are followed and religious beliefs are honored, particularly if that person has few or no relatives to oversee services and final disposition.
  • To assist survivors by taking the guesswork out of the details. Having a written record of vital statistics, personal affairs, and biographical information means family won’t have to search that information out, especially when they are dealing with grief and loss.
  • To get an idea of the costs associated with death–from cemetery plots to headstones, memorials, and funeral services. There is also an option to pre-fund, which may ease a financial burden down the line.

Planning ahead also gives people the opportunity to get their wills in order, to determine how to distribute their assets and earthly possessions, the executor, and provide possible guardianship suggestions for underage children.

Preplanning Checklist

Please feel free to contact us if you’d like to arrange a pre-planning appointment. We are glad to help you in any way we can with any questions you may have. Sometimes a little guidance is all you need.